CSA Shares

What is Community Supported  Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is a shared commitment between the farmers and the eaters. We grow food for you. You support the farm and share in the bounty associated with farming. Becoming a CSA member stream lines the process of getting food from the farm to your table through a direct connection with your farmer.

Why a CSA share from Carolina Legacy Farms?

All of our pigs are fed a vegetarian diet of corn and soy beans. We feed no antibiotics or growth hormones. Our happy pigs are cage-free and able to rome the pastures of the farm.

  • Our pork is local and pasture raised
  • Our CSA is a cost effective way to eat pesticide free food.
  • Supporting local farms is a good way to be a steward to the earth’s resources.
  • Support your local farmers and help them grow.
  • Support your local economy and local enterprise.